Let Go

    It's written everywhere
    I've even read it in my script
    But when I thought it wasn't fair
    I felt it on my lips, let go
    I don't wanna be the one
    I think you already know, oh

    The feeling of going down way too deep
    Holding on
    So you won't lose your feet
    Sometimes you just gotta trust
    You gotta take that leap
    And let go
    Gotta let go

    I've got a feeling
    By a look you're through
    Oh no
    What you're revealing
    I sit and pray
    And I will pull through, oh yeah

    When you let go
    Of all you've known
    The butterflies fly
    And you will see the way it goes
    And all the love
    Everything will be shown
    So let go
    Let go

    The touch of grass
    The air
    The sun it will rise
    You will see so clearly
    It will bring tears to your eyes
    Maybe everything will be alright
    So let go
    You gotta let go

    I've got a feeling
    Right now
    You feel it too
    Oh, oh
    This little song
    Might be the one
    That will tell us what to do
    Oh, oh, ooh, ooh

    These tears are overflowing
    And never knowing why
    All these years we've been
    We've been hurting
    We have to look inside
    And try
    To let go

    You gotta let go
    To love, you gotta let go
    If you really wanna love
    You gotta let go

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