All eyes on…

    All eyes on…

    All eyes on…
    Britney Spears
    We can see her smile
    But can’t tears
    Yes she’s alone
    But not lonely
    She tries find
    Her man only

    Could you understand
    What does she feel
    In yellow press
    Her life is not real
    Believe her, believe yourself
    Believe me
    Soon she’s come back-
    It’s not lie

    Dream and ask her:
    “What about your loneliness”?
    And she tells: “I’m ok!”
    Her new pics are topless!!!
    Forget about all
    That you’ve knew before
    She’s everywhere
    What are you waiting 4?

    I support Britney,
    Do you?
    Britney’s still Britney
    She has her own true
    World hold on
    Britney is back
    Forget about rumors
    And her rehab

    Everyone has a dream
    My dream - to meet Britney
    Stay in her team
    Until her battle stays incompletely
    Believe in her
    She’ll always find her way
    I know that
    She’s my hero I’m her fay

    Everyday you can find Brit on… !!!
    Her career and personal life
    Are move on
    I’m her Russian fan and
    My friends too
    We heed everyone, we need her
    We need YOU!

    Remember you’re Britney’s fan -
    All eyes on… YOU
    Britney, we so love you!!!
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