beautiful in woman…

    Ms Britney Spears,
    I wanna thank you for your amazing topless photo session to magazine, you are so beautiful woman… you have really helped me to feel and realize my nature sexuality of my body and soul… I mean my brain. Because you are who you are and I am who I really am… take care and keep yourself
    You know Britney, when I see your performances and concerts again and again on DVD, I wanna tell you that it’s the greatest show, that I’ve ever seen in all my live!!! You are great performer, Britney!!! I can’t wait release of your new album this year!!! Believe me all would be great in your life, ‘cause we all with you and pray for you and your family every time.
    I wish you all the very best as always. You’re every second in my brine. Please shinny as only you could do, smile&smile again. Thank you again for all. I’ll never stop proud you!!!
    With best wishes, love Ms OL:)GA
    PS: это не совсем стихотворение - это проза от сердца, души и ума
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