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    Новая песня Кевина - "Privilege"

    Слова новой песни Кевина - "Privilege"

    Let's get something to smoke
    And pour me a glass of privilege to wet my throat
    [Tonight it's going down]
    Get out your brand new fit
    It's time to hit the town and get into some shit
    [Tonight it's going down]

    One to the two, two to the three
    Better sleep in the whip, woke up in the suite
    Last night was crazy, tonight is going down
    I'm trying to show my lady friend all around the town
    Pop the Harley and hopped in the truck
    Smelling good, looking like ten million bucks
    Blue yankee hat on
    Red monkey pants on
    Breasted vest 'cause I keep the latest fash' on
    fuckers ?
    Baby girl get your pass on
    Running kind of slow
    That's good cause it'll last long
    I'm in the fast lane
    Get my smash on
    High as a motherfucker
    Yeah way past gone
    I got LA feeling like Vegas
    Nobody ?, I'm forgetting that I'm famous
    For the privilege they like the ?
    I'm feeling myself
    And all I got to say is
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