» » » a poem))Апрельский конкурс!
» » » a poem))Апрельский конкурс!

    a poem))Апрельский конкурс!

    You sit now alone
    Up in your room
    You look at your phone:
    “Later or soon?”
    You think- if he calls you
    What will you say?
    You ll say” please don’t leave me
    Baby, please stay?”
    But tell me, he worth it?
    Tell me ,does he?
    Hang on for a moment
    And please, just believe
    That you are amazing
    That you’re not alone
    Throw out your cursed gold ring
    Don’t stare at your phone
    Your husband was asshole!
    He WAS and he’ll be!
    Your marriage was awful
    I guess you can see…
    From now on be stronger
    Go straight, keep it tight!
    You can’t wait no longer!
    Protect your own rights!!
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