» » Toy Soldier (Demo versiоn)
» » Toy Soldier (Demo versiоn)

    Toy Soldier (Demo versiоn)

    A Toy Soldier
    A Toy Soldier
    A Toy Soldier
    A Toy Soldier

    I’m out the door
    It’s automatic
    Simple, babe.
    (When you gon do it to me?)

    Like a fire
    Bottle bustin
    In your face
    (When you gon do it to me?}

    So tired of you being up in my space
    How much of it can I take?

    I’m tired of private driving
    Need a generator that ain’t weak

    When I shot the door
    I’m leaving with my bags
    Hit the scene
    In my new ?
    Bet you gon wish you knew
    The type of fun that I’m getting into
    Pick a ?
    You good
    Doing things you wish you could
    You not talking
    He just walking
    Like dem city boys from New York


    This time I need a soldier
    a really badass soldier
    a boy that knows how to take care of me
    I’m so damn glad that’s over

    This time I need a soldier
    I’m sick of toy soldiers
    a boy that knows how to take care of me
    Won’t be just coming over

    Girl: “Brit, I heard that he was sayin’ he’s still in love with you”
    Boy: “Brit, I heard he said he could stay if you wanted to”
    Girl: “Brit, I heard that every man out here is wanting you now”
    Boy and girl: “Brit, I heard, I heard..what you gon’ do now”?

    [Chorus repeats twice]

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